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Ex-Lawyer. Gangster. Courtroom Fixer. Author. X-Convict.


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30 years as a criminal defense attorney, I hold the record of all time for case dismissals. Weeks shy of being a Judge, I was indicted, facing 105 years and a 10 million dollar fine, ultimately being sent to Prison. Living the American Dream one day and experiencing the nightmare of the Federal Criminal Justice System the next. Due to my reputation as a “Courtroom Fixer”, I was ultimately thrust into the eye of a political corruption storm. I understand the feelings of vulnerability, desperation, and fear. I am offering an opportunity to purchase a piece of mind and hopefully help you to rest easy on your journey.

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Most of you have never had to experience criminal types and the violence that may be encountered in your new situation. I have done this as a way of life. Being a criminal defense attorney for over 30 years, this is when experience matters.
I am available to travel anywhere in the United States at a moment's notice, providing a more personal approach. I am also available for phone consultations, Zoom consultations, and email correspondence.

Contact me now to set up a consultation! All inquiries will be returned within 24 hours.


About 3-D Prison Consulting

Make no mistake prison is a different world. Times have changed and the prison system has changed. As a person of privilege or celebrity status, you may be used to special treatment. I am now providing the most current, informative, honest, and effective prison consulting service in the United States. I will handle each case uniquely and craft it to your circumstances. I will be the rock you and your loved ones can lean on. I guarantee you, this is when experience matters.
*All available programs will be addressed including but not limited to;

  • Pre-Trial Services Bond

  • Sentencing Considerations

  • Sentencing Reductions

  • Early Release

  • Compassionate Release

  • RDAP

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“Pauly Z. is our friend and at times, the Consigliere.  We are men of honor and we choose each other.”

-Francesco Bommarito aka “Frankie the Bomb” – Motor City Mafia Capo

-Vito Giacolone aka “Billy Jack” – Motor City Mafia Boss

“I recently hired 3-D Consulting since I feared going to prison on a highly sensitive case.  His experience proved invaluable.  He produced results beyond imagination.  I stand behind my statement and invite anyone who is considering his services to contact me.”

-Eric Krzyanski aka “Big E” – Current Client

“Pauly Z. has been a trusted friend of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club for over 30 years. He has honor, loyalty, and respect. I did time with him in Milan Prison. I miss his comic relief. ”

-Randy Yager aka “Mad” - 1%er - President-Outlaws Motorcycle Club


In prison, my connections to criminals, mobsters, and motorcycle clubs gave me an

opportunity to survive and ultimately thrive.

When Experience Matters

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