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3D Prison Consultation

3D Prison Consultant is a professional consultation agency that provides insights, guidance, and other prison-related insights for those individuals that have been sentenced to serve a term in prison. Those who consider 3D Prison Consultation services must acknowledge and understand the terms and conditions and companies policies related to such services:

By signing up and availing services that are listed and provided by 3D Prison Consultant, customers are agreeing and acknowledging the understanding of what type of service is being provided to the customer and what the conditions are, as defined below;

  1. 3D Prison Consultant(s) do not guarantee anything specifically. The insights and details related to prison facilities and the procedures that are involved are all solely based on real-life experience and therefore no specific type of guarantee is being offered from 3D Prison Consultant whatsoever.

  2. 3D Prison Consultant(s) do not guarantee any sort of outcome when it comes to any type of preliminary or appointed court session(s). 3D Prison Consultants do not affect any ruled judgement or total supreme ruling over any type of cases whatsoever. All insights and details pertaining to court proceedings, trials and other Criminal Court related situations are only based on real-life experience and therefore only information based on experience is provided and not necessarily from articles or law statues. However, consultation is granted through experience, providing the insights in which 3D Prison Consultants have experienced and therefore it is a likely that same experiences are expected for those that are sentenced to getting incarcerated.

  3. By opting in getting any of the services provided by 3D Prison Consultants, you as a “customer” of 3D Prison Consultant, are voluntarily opting into the services and are not opting such services by any external force or any sort of threat.

  4. All decisions regarding 3D Prison Consultant are mutually agreed between 3D Prison Consultant and the “convicted”, meaning that all services provided to client are understood and agreed upon and therefore it is clear that only expert level advice and exclusive insights are provided to “convicted” or “customer”, through one or more methods of communication.

  5. Appointments are settled and agreed upon based on both involved party’s availability. Therefore such agreement to consultation are settled among only involved parties.

  6. 3D Prison Consultants do not offer any type of legal consultation and therefore it is highly recommended that the “convicted”, or “customer” should seek professional legal advice from a registered and licensed attorney within your State if the convicted or customer is seeking legal advice for either a closed, recurring or ongoing open case.

  7. 3D Prison Consultants are not a team of lawyers and therefore will not aid in any particular legal stance for disputing any closed, recurring or ongoing cases.

  8. 3D Prison Consultants are not a team of lawyers and therefore will not represent any client in the court of law. Only useful advice and other sources of insights can be provided based only on experience.

  9. Any consultation ideas, advice or other insights are only designed and developed to simply educate those that are “convicted” and are going to be serving a sentence that is greater than 1 year and 1 day.

  10. Such consultation ideas, advice or other forms of insights are only to provide knowledge about Prison systems, what to expect, what are the common types of routines and other common factors that can essentially assist the convicted with his or her time sentence.

  11. 3D Prison Consultants do not guarantee any prison essentials that can ultimately help in reducing a court order sentence.

  12. 3D Prison Consultants cannot provide any forms of letters, legal advice or any forms of representation to client (Convicted) while the convicted serves his or her prison sentence whatsoever.

  13. 3D Prison Consultants cannot provide any forms of visitation while the convicted serves their prison sentence.

  14. 3D Prison Consultants cannot provide any personal forms of favoritism, vouch, or assist with personal finances whatsoever.

  15. 3D Prison Consultants cannot assist in communicating with any other individual that maybe currently serving a prison sentence.

  16. 3D Prison Consultants cannot assist in establishing any modes of communication with those individuals that were involved in the “convicted” or “client’s” case, despite if the court has already ruled a decision or not or if the case is still ongoing for a Jury Trail.

  17. 3D Prison Consultants cannot refer any legal representative, State appointed lawyer, or personally hired attorney to assist the convicted in a court stance whatsoever.

  18. 3D Prison Consultants cannot provide or supply any types of consumer items, regardless if such prison system considers such item to be a contraband or not.

  19. 3D Prison Consultants cannot assist in providing or updating any legal document or release papers that are appointed by a court system, booking (DOC) or the prison itself whatsoever. Such documentations are only processed from the court based on a specific ruling that a judge rules on. The order of which the court forwards can only be executed and processed through the facility in which the convicted is held in, prison, jail, DOC, etc.

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