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“Pauly Z. is our friend and at times, the Consigliere.  We are men of honor and we choose each other.”

-Francesco Bommarito aka “Frankie the Bomb” – Motor City Mafia Capo

-Vito Giacolone aka “Billy Jack” – Motor City Mafia Boss

“I recently hired 3-D Consulting since I feared going to prison on a highly sensitive case.  His experience proved invaluable.  He produced results beyond imagination.  I stand behind my statement and invite anyone who is considering his services to contact me.”

-Eric Krzyanski aka “Big E” – Current Client

“Pauly Z. has been a trusted friend of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club for over 30 years. He has honor, loyalty, and respect. I did time with him in Milan Prison. I miss his comic relief. ”

-Randy Yager aka “Mad” - 1%er - President-Outlaws Motorcycle Club

“Paulie Z. is a man to be trusted and was attorney to our past President.”

-Hook – Vigilante Motorcycle Club – Detroit

“I spent 21 years in Federal Prison, from maximum security to minimum security and throughout the United States.  His reputation precedes him.”

-Joe Ricci

“On behalf of Corporate America, I can attest and confirm Mr. Zyburski’s passion and superb consulting skills.  He has been hired to consult dozens of my employees through the USA with outstanding results.”

-David Emlaw – President – International Robot Systems

“I met Mr. Zyburski while he was on home arrest in 2020.  I witnessed him work passionately to develop 3-D Prison Consulting.  His book is destined to be a Best-Seller.”

-Ronnie Dahl – Investigative Reporter

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